My Work

Here is a list of stories that are published and in the works. Please click the tile to go to the post on this blog that announces the publication if you’d like to know the story behind the story and other, related details. Other links are beside the title. Click those to go to where you can see this book elsewhere on the Internet.

If you are a book blogger and are would like to review any of my work, please email me at or click here to launch Outlook or Mail. Please let me know which book(s) you’d like and what file format you’d prefer.


  • Murder and Mayhem || Amazon || Goodreads
  • Unit 52 || Amazon || Goodreads
  • Rodinian Legends (working title)
    • Book 1 (working title) || Amazon || Goodreads
    • Book 2 (working title) || Amazon || Goodreads
    • Book 3 (working title) || Amazon || Goodreads
    • Book 4 (working title) || Amazon || Goodreads

Novelettes & Short Stories



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