I’m a 28-year-old mother of one (whaaaat?!) and freelancer extraordinaire. There are a lot of topics that I will research online or find something neat about and will want to share it with others or at least save it so that I can refer to it in the future. It drives me crazy when I have moments where I know I’ve read something really interesting but I can’t remember anything about it. Linking to those things here is great for jarring my memory later.

I am also immensely interested in storytelling, sharing stories, and hearing neat things from others. My family often spent holidays and get-togethers sharing stories, both fictional and semi-fictional. Almost no one in my family writes and I suspect that at least half may be illiterate. Dyslexia is extremely common in my gene pool, which discourages the whole writing and reading thing. I, myself, am very dyslexic, but I’ve always enjoyed absorbing stories and information from others so much that I’ve pushed through it. I have read an enormous variety of stuff and continue to do so. I have books on business, forensic medicine, science fiction, psychological maladies, and everything ever written by Kurt Vonnegut. As a kid, I was so determined to stop being dyslexic that I studied grammar to an obsessive degree. I still buy books on stylistic writing and grammar to read for fun because I am literally insane.

I do like to connect with other storytellers, so I do occasional reviews and a different story-centered version of author interviews. I want everything on my blog to be interesting because I do go back and read my own posts. Please pardon any typos you find as they will very likely be corrected in the near future. Since I do go back and read my old posts, I will also correct mistakes I find as I go. If you are interested in sharing your story with me, please check out the Ebook Reviews page and if you’d like to share any kind of interesting story about yourself, please head over to the Interviews page.


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