Author Interview with F.W. Pinkerton

These interview topics were developed from Pinkerton’s own biography to get at some of the interesting stories that might not be shared otherwise. Pinkerton was asked to share stories about himself as they relate to the topics below. You can follow him by clicking here.

Please share a story about yourself as it relates to each of the three words. If you do think of something that relates specifically to your latest book, Moon Angel, please share.


Every story I write becomes an adventure, as I tend not to be one of those writers who sits down and plots. I always have a vague idea but the characters and story take me on their own adventure. I am sometimes surprised where this leads me.

I live a quiet life on the whole nowadays, so I enjoy getting lost in the story as much as the reader will, and journey to places maybe I can only dream of. Some parts are drawn from real life experiences, but a lot is from my imagination. I am one of life’s daydreamers, and enjoy the feeling of letting the world in on my world (even if it’s just a little peek now and again.)  Pulling people along on a great adventure.

I think subconsciously I always try and have an underlying subtle moral message in my books. Some people will get it, others may not. But I am not one about preaching, and everyone has their own code to live by. But I suppose I still believe in treating people as I would like to be treated and hopefully Karma will sort out good and bad. Old fashioned values still mean a lot to me.


Understanding is an odd word really, as it can mean so many things. I mean people can do some awful things to another but that person will forgive them and it will be said, “they’re so understanding.”

As for understanding from a personal point of view. I was always quick to judge people. It’s just how I used to be. Well one day I was sitting in a pub having a drink and this guy wanders over and sits down near me, as there was nowhere else to sit. I was maybe a bit on the defensive as he had invaded my personal space but he was already seated. He then asked me if he could sit. So I just nodded. I had already made up my mind I didn’t like him. And then he started talking!

He was arrogant, cocky and brash. All qualities I do not like. So I smiled thinking how my initial opinion had been dead on. He went on and on about this and that. I probably normally would have got up and left, but I was waiting for someone who was late and it was raining. So I sat there and listened. He talked about his girlfriend, his parents, his job, his dog. The neighbours fence. You name it- he talked about it.

He poured his heart out while I listened. He then went to leave and said the famous words. “Thank you for being so Understanding  it was nice to talk to somebody.” and with that he left.

Amazingly the next two or three times I went into that Pub I kind of wished I would meet that stranger again, as I had realised I enjoyed chatting to him. Weeks later I bumped into him, and we went and had a beer together. And I am still friends with him today. He is still cocky, arrogant and brash. But somehow I see past that now.


As a child I was uber confident. I was outgoing, wanted to be the centre of attention, king of my own little world. But as I grew older I think I slowly over time became the polar opposite. From extrovert to introvert. But I think it was in my teenage years I started to become self-aware. I started to realise I would soon be out in the big wide world and in a way that scared me. In another way I couldn’t wait to get out there, as I really did not like school. I found some of the subjects fascinating. Just not the way they were taught. I got restless and bored easily. I realised inside that maybe I was ever so slightly different to those around me. They were worrying about careers, exams etc. I just wanted to get out into the world and explore. I also spent more time in the company of adults through various activities I did, and found I started to see life in a different way.

I think though the biggest change in self-awareness was when I was around 24 something like that, and I suddenly thought more about mortality, it was something I really hadn’t paid much attention to before. I was young so who cared. But when I realised a large chunk of my life had already gone, it did made me realise how precious life is, and how easy it is to squander away hours on nothing.


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