Barely there

I am working through some messages and emails that I’ve been accumulating over the past few days and just as a note – it is far too soon to celebrate; I am still alive. I have been feeling incredibly sick though I think some of it is at least mostly my fault.

I almost managed to poison myself last week and am experiencing a whole world of agony that is just so much fun that I could die. In short, I have six prescription medications. Two are super fun and the rest just kind of suck. I usually take them without actually looking at the bottle first because I can tell the pills apart pretty easily by touch, taste, smell, and appearance. You can guess exactly where this is going.

I took two prescriptions that are pretty much never supposed to be taken together. By accident, of course – I’m not a masochist. To be honest, I didn’t really know what would happen if I were to take them together. I just assumed it would make me feel kind of sick or something. When I realized my mistake, I shrugged it off thinking that the worst it would do would be to give me a nasty stomachache. In practice, I felt like Shrek had Frenched me with his toenails and that I was going to die hugging the toilet bowl and crying. It also induced some truly interesting hallucinations, though that might have been the dehydration kicking in.

What is a really odd turn of events is that I went to meet with a prospective client a couple of days ago while I was still recovering from a case of nearly-died-otosis. I figured I made an idiot of myself since I was only marginally aware of what was coming out of my mouth. I actually am still not sure what I said to them, but they think I’m really super smart according to another person they spoke with. I guess that’s good, but I’m afraid to even try to remember what I said in that blur of a day before I came home and passed out on the floor.

I’m still recovering from all of that and will be getting back to responding to emails and reviewing other storytellers’ works of art by this weekend. So, please stay tuned and always check the labels before popping things into your mouth.


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