Virginia’s Adventures Vol. 1 – Arousing Genes (Erotica)


Hollis Chester

Story in a Nutshell:

This is the first book in a series with the main character, Virginia, who is a super-duper smarty pants, drop-dead gorgeous, but not terribly learned in the bedroom.

Synopsis on Goodreads: Why is the voluptuous young Virginia so horny lately? Will she fall into the evil clutches of Time’s man of the year, Dr. Tanis? Will Bill, the handsome Interpol agent, stop thinking with his dick? Will there be enough sex? Find out as Virginia has her first salacious adventure.

Key Takeaways:

Densely packed with explicit scenes
Generally balanced between dialogue and narration

Rating: 4.5/5

Recommended Audience:

This book is, of course, intended for mature audiences. This story is strictly an erotic one, so expect a lot of explicit sex scenes and for trysts between characters to be the main moving force in this book. Erotica is varied in how much explicit material is presented and the style. Readers who are looking for a lot of sex scenes that aren’t spaced chapters apart will enjoy this. There is some humor tucked away in some of the scenes, which I think keeps the story at least a bit on the light-hearted side.


While the interactions between the characters is smooth and there wasn’t much that didn’t jive with his main character. A lot of male authors tend to overemphasize how women interact with their breasts. I felt that some of the references to her boobs jiggling when she was doing non-sexual things (like answering a phone) weren’t needed and broke up the flow just a bit. It’s not pervasive, so if anyone out there dislikes that particular thing, you don’t have to worry about wading through all that much of it. There were a few other things that came across as a male writing the female character, but I don’t think I’d classify it as a deal-breaker. While I personally don’t like it, there aren’t so many of those instances that it’s distracting.

Some scenes I didn’t find terribly fitting for the characters participating, but this book does stay true to its genre. Overall, it is written well and will give erotic fiction readers something to stay up late reading.





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