How to Deal with a Charging Bull

Let’s keep piling on the Mad Libs because if you can think of anything better to do – you’d be lying! Oh my god, I cannot get the image of someone holding a volleyball up to their face to hide from a charging bull. Aaahahaha!

Because you can never be too old for laughing at silly nonsense stories. The rules of the game are simple:

  1. Find a Mad Libs generator site.
  2. Open Wikipedia. Click “Random” to go to a random article.
    • Alternate rule! Go to a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and look at your friend’s new messages/posts.
  3. Your word must be closely related to the topic of the article.


How to Deal with a Charging Bull
By: Roger Price & Leonard Stern
When most people think of bulls, they usually imagine traveling to Czech Republic and watching a brave communal settlement in fancy papal tiaras battle a fierce bull, as the crowd throws gold mines while cheering, “What are you? The US ambassador to Lithuania?!!” Some Roman guy I’ve never heard of wrote about an air-breathing land snail in his famous novel The Sun Also Rises. However, if you ever come earballs to earballs with a bull, it might not be quite as evergreen. Try not to move too much and do not attempt to shoot the bull. Only run away if you can get to something that you can hide behind, like a volleyball, a fence, or a bone fragment. If you cannot hide, take off your supportive undergarments and use them to distract the bull; it makes no difference if it’s slightly darker black or not. If the bull looks like he is going to recreateexclusively throw your over-sized body sash away from you and hope to heck he follows it!

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